United Federation of Special
Police and Security Officers, Inc.



Membership Dues Payment

      It is vitally important for the continuing operations of your Union, that all Membership Dues are paid on a timely basis.

     Most of our Members' dues are collected through an automatic payroll deduction by their employers. Those members whose employers refuse to provide their employees with automatic payroll deduction, members must pay their dues directly to the Union, on a bi-weekly basis.

     You may pay your dues either Bi-weekly ($20.00) or Monthly ($45.00). You must pay your union dues each month as a condition of continued employment. Be a member in good standing of the Union, otherwise, the union will enforce the Union Security clause.

MAKE PAYMENTS WITH PAYPAL -- For your convenience we have arranged for Automatic Payment through PayPal. It's fast and secure! Click the Bi-weekly or Monthly "Subscribe" button below to start your on-line automatic Union Dues Payments, this will allow you to set-up a free PayPal account so that you can choose to pay by Credit/Debit Card, Checking or Savings Accounts.

To pay your dues automatically on a Bi-weekly basis ($20.00) Click Here

To pay your dues automatically on a Monthly basis ($45.00) Click Here

If you have any questions, please call us at
our office:  914-941-4289

eMail us at: mailroom@securityfederation.com